A large amount of the Drupal work we do at Classic Graphics is based on distributions and install profiles, which helps speed up a lot of the work we do by making it easier to manage updates and by having some uniformity across our various projects. But it recently threw me for a loop when trying to write SimpleTests for one of our projects. I could not seem to get the test case to enable any modules at all, in spite of the fact that I had used the same syntax to enable modules for testing on other Drupal sites.

Fortunately for me, Frippuz added this little bit of code to the SimpleTest Tutorial (Drupal 7) describing that little something extra needed in order to make SimpleTest work for installation profiles:

    class MyTestCase extends DrupalWebTestCase
    // Needed to be able to test the module inside an installation profile
    protected $profile = 'my_profile';

That was all that was needed for me to get SimpleTest enabling my modues the way I expected it to.