This is old news for people that follow Marco Arment’s blog, but I just happened upon it today and found it interesting. It’s an article from David Smith, the developer of the Pedometer++ iOS app. I had been eyeing activity trackers for quite a while, but never pulled the trigger. No matter what whiz-bang feature came out on the latest-greatest offerings from Nike, Jawbone, or FitBit, I could never quite convince myself to spend the dough. On more than one occasion, I tried using Moves on my iPhone 5. But it usually a matter of days before I uninstalled it, owing largely to the fact that most of the walking I ended up doing was between places I could charge my phone.

When Apple announced the M7 motion co-processor (and the iPhone 5s), I took notice, but not action. It took reading the MacStories Must Have iPhone Apps 2013 Edition hitting the virtual stands. When I read Pedometer++ “doesn’t eat battery life like an Italian family at Christmas dinner”, I knew it was time to snag myself a 5s.

Weeks later, Smith’s app is still one of a small handful that get opened daily. More often than not, I am met with guilt upon the realization that I’ve walked far fewer steps than my goal, but I am happy to have that knowledge nonetheless.

David Smith’s original article