I was fortunate to have the opportunity to give an introductory talk on the Meteor.js framework at this past Wednesday’s FOSS Charlotte Meetup. There were about eight people in attendance, all interested in learning more about what Meteor has to offer. In the talk, I covered an overview of what Meteor is and what guiding principles its creators used, and continue to use, in it’s ongoing development. I also gave a live demo based on a talk Naomi Seyfer gave at the Meteor HQ from the the meteor.com “learn” page.

In addition to using the questions app from the video, I took the liberty of posting the code to a GitHub Repo with some inline comments and a few improvements I picked up from reading Tom Coleman and Sacha Greif’s hugely informative Discover Meteor book.

We did not record the presentation, but the slide deck is available.

I am really looking forward to getting to lead Charlotte’s first Meteor.js hackathon at our newly-formed Meteor Charlotte Meetup group. If you are going to be in town on Monday, April 7th, please consider stopping by Packard Place in Uptown Charlotte to join in the fun!