Drupal Entities Deck

The slide deck from my talk on Drupal Entities at the Feb 1, 2017 charDUG meetup.

Changing Habits

An update about where my walking habit has taken me since my last post on the subject.

Smoking and Walking

Many years ago I had a nasty compulsive habit. I smoked.

Using Drush to Download Repos

I recently found myself in a situation where I needed to programmatically download a module's git repo rather than the module itself.

Worldwide Meteor Day

The Meteor framework goes 1.0 this week and we are having a party!

Getting to Know Meteor

Slides and a summary of the Intro to Meteor talk I gave at FOSS Charlotte.

Gear-Up for the Zombie Apocalypse

At any given point, when pressed, I can rattle off a laundry-list of motorcycles that I lust after.

Activity Tracking & Pedometer++

My thoughts on David Smith's excellent Pedometer++ app. (I like it!)

SimpleTest and Distros

Using SimpleTest to run tests against Drupal distributions.

Nuggets from DrupalCamp Atlanta

My thoughts and takeaways from DrupalCamp Atlanta 2013.